Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Scenic View #22

Los Angeles looks much lovelier at night when the smog isn't as visible.

Now, let's all sing 'The Smog Song'!

I tried to point out the skyline
From somewhere on Mulholland
'I think that's the Union Bank
or maybe a nameless mountain.'

The beige clouds were obstructin'
The panoramas and the vistas,
'I curse you darn pollutants!'
and shaked both of my fistas

It's what's happenin' now
Mixin' smoke 'n fog
There in the sky
Yeah, you get smog

Smog, smog, smog
doobie oobie
Smog, smog, smog
doobie oobie

It's what's happenin' now,
Now and then,

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